About ICF

  • Our History 


    The Intercultural Festival (ICF) Day is a completely student organized event dedicated to celebrating the diversity of Virginia Commonwealth University and the surrounding community. ICF attracts thousands of people from different ages and backgrounds and includes unique performances, authentic food, games, children’s activities, carnival rides, a petting zoo, cultural displays and much more. 


    The VCU Intercultural Festival has been in existence for over 20 years and, in 2003, ICF was recognized as an official university tradition at Virginia Commonwealth University. The festival has become a university and community-wide event that has grown exponentially, increasing from an audience of 500 people in 2002, to 4,500 in 2006, around 8,000 in 2009, and around  10,000 in 2013. It is a celebration of cultural diversity, connecting over 80 diverse VCU student organizations, community organizations, and people from all over the country.


    Current Activity


    Throughout the year leading up to ICF Day, the ICF Board and it's members work to host a variety of events for VCU staff and students to celebrate specific cultures from around the world. In the past, ICF has planned many events that celebrate cultures from areas like the Baltics, South Pacific, Saharah, and much more!  All of these events include lively music, games, prizes, and lots of food related to the culture we are celebrating! Check out our Events page for upcoming ICF events. 



    Past Events




  • Our Mission


    The primary mission of ICF is to celebrate all cultures’ uniqueness and value, in order to promote greater personal understanding across ethnic and racial lines. This student initiated, planned, and organized festival incorporates leadership training for VCU students and fosters an outlet for cultural awareness through many avenues. For the decade, participation in ICF has grown so that now more than ever, the festival is moving foward in accomplishing its mission of promoting “unity in diversity” not only at VCU, but also throughout Richmond and the state. ICF offers an assortment of entertaining activities to the public for people of all ages, and from all walks of life.