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    Most of planning board has been a volunteer for the festival. Being a part of the planning board provides each member with new friendships, networks, and leadership experiences. Think you've got what it takes?

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    ICF Day Volunteer and ICF Day Student Booth


  • The 2016-2017 ICF Executive Planning Board




    Kiana Ham  (Director)
    Kiana is a senior with a major in Criminal justice with a concentration in Forensic Crime Scene Investigation with a minor in General Business and Homeland Security. She first found out about ICF through SOVO fair and volunteered with them throughout all their events her sophomore year,joining the e-board her junior and senior year. "ICF is a great way to expose people to the different cultures around the world in a fun way. It displays the diverse nature and growing unity among the VCU student body. ICF aims to  promote diversity and understanding of other people's cultures that may differ from their own" 


    Ruxandra Zait (Assistant Director)
    Ruxandra is a senior majoring in Information Systems. This is her first year on the planning board. She loves volunteering and actively promotes diversity and multiculturalism on campus. She joined the ICF team in 2016 as a volunteer for the ICF Day. She felt in love with the organization and its tremendous potential to explore diversity not only on the VCU campus, but in the greater Richmond area. She sees ICF as her second family, more specifically as a group of "Different Individuals Valuing Each other Regardless of Skin Intellect Talents or Years".

    Brittany Wong (Finance Chair)
    Brittany is a junior majoring in Information Systems with a minor in Economics. She first found out about ICF through past e-board members, volunteered and was inspired to join the board. "To me, ICF means being open-minded to other cultures and perspectives while still staying in touch with your own."


    Aila Castane (Entertainment Co-chair)

     Aila is a senior majoring in Public Relations with a minor in African- American Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. She found out about ICF through a former e-board member. "To me, ICF means bridging the many culutres that live here at VCU and craving a space where all students not only feel represented, but are also able to become more culturally competent in other people's heritages"


    Mounika Abbareddy (Programming Co-Chair)

    Mounika is a senior with a major in Biology, and minor in Anthropology and Chemistry. She found out about ICF at SOVO fair and has volunteered at previous festivals and events. This is her first year on the programming board. "To me, ICF brings together the many different cultures and traditions of the students at VCU. It is a way of promoting diversity and allowing people to celebrate and learn about different cultures by keeping an open mind."


    Umme Salma (Programming Co-Chair)

    Umme is a junior majoring in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. After volunteering for ICF Day her freshman year, she applied to be on the planning board. This is her second year being a executive board member for ICF. She has held positions for Volunteer Chair and Programming Co-Chair. "ICF has a mission of bringing students of different cultures together to form a large and supportive community at VCU."


    Tanya Galan (Operations Co-Chair)

    Tanya is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in General business. This is her first year being part of ICF as one of the two co-chairs. "Many people have talked to me about ICF, and how great it is", after hearing so much about it, she decided to become a part of it. "Not only is ICF cultural diverse, it is also informative and it gives students a safe, fun, and diverse place to hang out during their events."

    Swetha Kovvuri (Operations Co-Chair)

    Swetha is a freshman majoring in Information Systems. This is her first year on the ICF planning board. She first found out about ICF through VCU students posting pictures of Intercultural Festival on Facebook. "To me, ICF means embracing and celebrating what makes VCU truly unique which its acceptance of different cultures and backgrounds."


    Ume Farwa (Marketing Co-Chair)

    Farwa is a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in English. She volunteered with ICF in her freshman year after hearing about it from friends. After being involved for over a semester, she made the decision to apply to the board. "I think ICF is an important initiative since Richmond is such a diverse community.  ICF's goal is to bring everyone together and not only recognize, but celebrate one another's cultures."


    Johnathan Ulrich (Volunteer Chair)

    Johnathan is a junior at VCU majoring in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry.  He got involved in ICF because one of his close friends was involved in it and found a great group of diverse people. "ICF's mission is diversity in all ways. It's really important to expose people to different cultures so they can broaden their knowledge of the world and other people. With education, comes understanding."